Importing KS4 APS for new Y12 students


Most tools in 4Matrix for the 2016/17 Y11 (2017/18 Y12) report the new APS which is based on the 9-1 scale.

The Value Added system in 4Matrix works in the legacy QCA points currency, as per the latest Ready Reckoner from the DfE. Please bear in mind that this is only temporary as QCA points do not officially exist for 9-1 subjects. The DfE have told us that they plan to release details of how the new model will work with 9-1 points in early 2018. Estimated scores should be used with caution until more guidance is available. The latest estimates in 4Matrix are the provisional 2017 versions.

To find out the overall KS4 APS in QCA format for new Year 12 students in 4Matrix:

• Open their Actual Results Series from Year 11

• Create a research group with entire cohort in

• Open Group Analysis 

• Select a subject such as Eng/Maths with all/the vast majority of students entered

• Select the research group created

• Export to Excel

Now duplicate your Y11 Actual Results Series and go to Admin > Edit Subjects. Select each non-GCSE subject and select Delete in the top right. This will only remove the subject and grades from the active series.

Repeat the process of creating a Research Group and using Group Analysis to obtain the KS4 GCSE ONLY APS.

Once you have both exports, you can edit your spreadsheet so that it includes Forename, Surname, Gender, UPN and then your 2 columns for KS4 APS and KS4 GCSE APS. You may also need to remove any students who did not continue into 6th Form. 

Import this in the usual way - refer to the KS5 guide for further help with the import if required. In Step 3 of the import, Map Data, set the Column Type for this data to Markbook Result and choose the correct KS4 APS value for each column.

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