DfE Tables Checking Exercise- 27th September 2018

Subject Progress 8 scores will report as NaN or -∞ until we have the average national entries in EBacc and Open baskets, which the DfE had indicated would be published in October. We are following this up with them directly. 

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 Can we have a demo of 4Matrix?


4Matrix is easy to use

We don’t employ representatives, and the low cost of 4Matrix reflects this; so generally we don’t visit schools to provide demonstrations. We are not a hard-sell company and we like users to make up their own minds.  Nearly all our new business comes by word of mouth recommendation from existing users. Over 1000 schools now use 4Matrix and our community of users is growing at pace.

4Matrix is like other Microsoft applications - like Word.  It is easy to use.  It comes with a demonstration database and there are over two hours of built-in videos to explain how the data tools work. If help is required setting the school’s data up or explaining how tools work, users can contact us and we can link up using remote support and provide the help that is needed.

Finding out more about 4Matrix

There is information on our website at www.4matrix.com to enable schools to decide whether to order 4Matrix.  In particular, there is a video overview at www.4matrix.com/features which shows the main features of 4Matrix. There are also over 100 positive comments from school leaders at www.4matrix.com/reviews which illustrate the impact that 4Matrix is making in schools.

Free use period
Of course, the best way to find out more about 4Matrix is to try it! 

If you would like to place a provisional order for 4Matrix by providing a few details at www.4matrix.com/order we will provide you with a free 30 day period of use to make sure that you are completely satisfied with what 4Matrix will do.
If during that time you need help you can come on Live Chat at www.4matrix.com or phone us and one of our team will help you. Most of our support staff also work as data managers in schools, so they will understand the practical issues.

Payment information
The standard cost of a one-year licence for 4Matrix is just £960 +VAT for any size school and any number of users.
The cost includes a full year of use, use of our support materials, upgrades which will add new features to 4Matrix, and technical support. We have kept the cost at this level for the last four years during which time we have added many more features to the application.

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