How do I import the KS4 GCSE APS and Overall APS for KS5 Value Added?


Two GCSE APS scores (overall and GCSE only) need to be imported in order for KS5 Value Added to work. These will need to be imported via a spreadsheet, even if you use SIMS. Users will need to create a spreadsheet that includes Forename, Surname, Gender, UPN (plus any other contextual/grade data that is required), followed by the KS4 APS and KS4 APS GCSE columns.

This can then be imported via the Spreadsheet > Pupils/Results route. In Step 3, Map Data, set the Column Type to Markbook Result and type KS4 into the search. Two options will become available: KS4 APS and KS4 APS GCSE. Select the correct option for each column and continue the import as normal.

It is possible to obtain this information from an Actual Results series in 4Matrix. Results Overview will provide the overall APS per pupil. Export this using File > Export. To get the GCSE only APS, duplicate the series using Admin > Edit Series. In the duplicated version, go to Admin > Edit Subjects, click on each non-GCSE subject on the left and go to Delete in the top right. When finished, the APS in Results Overview will now be based on GCSEs only. Export again and combine the scores in Excel ready for import.

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