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How much does 4Matrix cost?
The standard cost of a one-year licence for 4Matrix is just £960 +VAT for any size school and any number of users. There is a three-year licence available at £2580 + VAT which gives a saving of £3...
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Can we have a demo of 4Matrix?
4Matrix is easy to use We don’t employ representatives, and the low cost of 4Matrix reflects this; so generally we don’t visit schools to provide demonstrations. We are not a hard-sell company and
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Licence in 4Matrix is not updating
If you find that 4Matrix is not detecting your new licence it might be because it's unable to connect to our website. Please check that you have white-listed us as **, including the as...
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Can 4Matrix analyse termly assessment grades as well as results data?
Yes - You can import any number and type of data series into 4Matrix. A series is a snapshot of performance - a Y11 Autumn 1 series may refer to teacher assessments that were taken before Autumn half ...
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Does 4Matrix support Key Stage 5?
Yes - we have 8 analysis tools for use with KS5 pupils, including a powerful Value Added tool. We also support most of the 2016(+) performance measures, including the new point scale and Tech Bacc. 
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How do I update my 4Matrix account details?
Go to and click Existing Customers. Log in using your School ID and Password which were provided when you originally signed up to 4Matrix, If you have forgotten or lost these details, ...
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Is there a Primary School version of 4Matrix?
We have no plans to develop a primary version of 4Matrix.
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Is there a web based version of 4Matrix?
This is in development and is planned for release in Autumn 2017. Our aim is to initially include the main headline measures (Progress 8, EBacc, Thresholds) and the Learning Layer from our AWL tools....
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Is there a Welsh version of 4Matrix?
There is not a 'Welsh Version' as such, but we have adapted some of the tools in 4Matrix to support Welsh measures for 2017 onwards. Please see for more information.
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Key Features
Tracking at Key Stage 3 and ‘Assessment Without Levels’ (AWL) Our new ‘KS3 Curriculum Design and Assessment System’ provides a set of tools for designing a first-class curriculum at key stage ...
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Lost school ID/password for
Please submit a ticket or email us at from an internal school address and we will reset your account for you. 
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Renewal Invoice
Our Admin system will automatically send a renewal invoice approximately 6 weeks prior to your licence expiry date. This is sent to the main contact on your 4Matrix account at In some...
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Which MIS will 4Matrix link with?
The main import mechanism in 4Matrix is for spreadsheets - which all versions of MIS should be able to provide. Sample spreadsheets which demonstrate correct formatting can be downloaded from www.4mat...
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