Customer Information: Update now live (12/11/2019)

This is a significant update, with some new features and fixes. It contains a host of major the provisional 2019 key stage 5 value added coefficients. The full changelog can be downloaded from

Known issues:

We are aware that some users are having trouble applying this update, please see before logging a ticket. Other reported issues:

1) Importing into a custom field doesn't work and the data is not imported (workaround is to enter the values in relevant column in Edit Pupils)

2) If any pupils have a grade of N in the Edit Markbook, Pupil Display won't print for that pupil


 Sales & Accounts
       How much does 4Matrix cost?
       Can we have a demo of 4Matrix?
       Licence in 4Matrix is not updating
       GDPR Compliance Information
       Is there a web based version of 4Matrix?
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 Installing 4Matrix & Network Related
       System Requirements
       Does 4Matrix need to be installed on my MIS Server?
       How to set 4Matrix up as a shared application
       Settings file is not copying to clients when deploying 4Matrix
       4Matrix client unable to update automatically
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 Launching 4Matrix
       Error: Error 26 unable to connect to database
       Logging in for the first time/demo user password
       Forgotten password/no admin user
       Error: Error 40 4Matrix cannot connect to server and/or database specified in the 4Matrix Settings file
       Updates can't be downloaded at this time
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 Importing Data
       How do I import Key Stage 2 data?
       Level 6 shows as error in Key to Success import
       Gender column not recognised
       Importing KS4 APS starting points for Y12 and Y13
       Can I Import Key Stage 2 data/Scaled Scores? How do I use them?
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 Using 4Matrix
       Progress 8 guidance for 2016/17 and 2017/18 Year 11
       Science not showing in EBacc or Progress 8
       Subject names not complete in Progress 8, EBacc and Borderline
       Subject Summary Commentaries, Residuals, Distribution etc
       Progress 8 subject scores - calculations
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 Admin Tools
       How do I delete all grades/results for one subject?
       Unable to merge subjects
       Edit Series Error: Date and time format
       How are Key Stage 2 Fine Points calculated?
       Setting up User accounts
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 Exporting Data
       How do I export data from 4Matrix?
       Exported spreadsheet COUNTA formula is not working as expected
       Numbers are formatted as text in the exported file
       4Matrix Infinity Setup: General Information and Features
       Seating Plans: A Quick Guide
       4Matrix Infinity Setup: Which URL should I be using to access 4Matrix Infinity?
       4Matrix Infinity Setup : Pre-Requisites
       4Matrix Infinity Setup: Does Infinity have to be installed on the same server as the 4Matrix database?
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