Unable to merge subjects

Make sure that both subjects are mapped to the same qualification. 

If you are still unable to merge them after ensuring they use the same QAN, it may be linked to the subject's 'Key Stage' flag in the database and will require a 4Matrix support Agent to fix.

When importing grades for Y7-9 the flag sets to 3. If you import the same subject for Y10 and 11, it sets to 4. This is why they cannot be merged. The situation becomes even more confusing if the user selects the ‘wrong’ version when mapping from Existing Subjects i.e. the KS3 version could be used by any year group.

The flag is needed for the Flight Path to allow users to select different subjects at each key stage. Note that after running the fix below, it will not be possible to use the alternate key stage setting in the Flight Path for the affected subject, but choosing either KS3 or KS4 will activate the grades for all relevant pupils across all years. 

A 4Matrix Support Agent will need to run an SQL command on the database (Subjects table) to update one of the subject entries to use the same key stage as the duplicate. This will then allow the subjects to be merged.