Subject not showing in KS5 Value Added tool

The KS5 VA tool will include A level, Academic and Applied subjects only.

Vocational subjects and subjects that do not contribute to performance measures will not appear on this display.

If you are working with a subject which you believe should be showing on this display, it may be that there is no previous national data for the subject (if it's a brand new qualification type). The Value Added tool uses the data from the most recent DfE Ready Reckoner, and so if the qualification is not included here, then it will not have any VA data in 4Matrix either.

The other reason may be to do with the national subject code in 4Matrix, as in some rare cases, this may not match the code which was included in the Ready Reckoner. A quick fix for this is to change the KS5 VA Subject value in Admin > Edit Qualifications using the table in the bottom right of the display, but this should be carried out with caution. If you need further information in relation to this then please contact us.