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 How do I deal with unmatched pupils in Step 5 of import?


There are generally 2 reasons as to why a pupil is unmatched;

  1. They are a new pupil to the school (and 4Matrix) and therefore they have no singeing record in the database. Select the pupil, right click and choose Mark as New Pupil.

  2. If the pupil already exists in 4Matrix then the match process has failed, most likely to do with a change of name. If you select the pupil, right click and choose Edit Pupil Match. A dialogue will appear where you can find the existing record to match to. Don't forget to tick the box on the left which says 'update pupil names on import' if you need to use their new name in 4Matrix.

To remove the pupil from the import, tick the box next to the pupil, right click and go to Remove > Selected Row.

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