How do I change the qualification that a subject is mapped to?

Go to Admin > Edit Subjects and select the subject from the list on the left.

In the top right, go to Change Mapped Qualification. On smaller screens, this option may be hidden via a small arrow next to Edit Qualification.

A pop-up will appear asking you to search for the new QAN. You can search by name or by QAN. If using the QAN, be sure to type the 8 digits without any '/' symbols.

This change will affect all series where the subject is in use, as shown in the Results panel in Edit Subjects.

A Grade Match box will appear asking you to confirm that it's correct - the only time that this may be cause for concern is if you are trying to change from a GCSE grading structure to a BTEC or vice versa, or to a qualification with additional (or fewer) grades. If this is the case then we strongly recommend that you re-import the data for this subject rather than convert the grades in order to avoid mistakes. This action cannot be undone.