How do I export data from 4Matrix?

Most tools in 4Matrix Desktop provide an Export function in the File menu, in the top left of the display. This will generally provide an .xls file of the data that you see on screen.

It is also possible to save to various other file formats by going to File > Print and then using the Save function in the top left of the print preview dialogue.

To export a 'broadsheet' of pupils, subjects and grades, go to Home > Results Overview > File > Export. Although the displays are similar, this function is not available in the Edit Results tool.

Some tools which are too wide to print (e.g. Subjects Summary) will only have the Export option available. Once the data is in spreadsheet format, you can print from the spreadsheet application or save to other file formats.

It is not possible to print or export the Dashboard for any key stage. Instead, you can use the Print Screen function on your keyboard and paste the image into another application, or use 'Insert Screenshot' option in Microsoft Office applications.

Article revised: 05/07/2021