Unhandled Exception (Object Reference) error occurs when trying to access tools in 4Matrix

These errors are usually non-specific and may require a Support Agent to check.

First of all, check you're using the latest version of 4Matrix by going to Help > About 4Matrix and cross-reference this with the version shown at www.4matrix.com/downloads

The most common causes for these errors are:

  •  No 'grade' data in the system - most likely after clearing the demo database. Once the user has imported a series containing subjects and grades this error should no longer appear.
  • Duplicate subject names in the same series or conflicts with a field in the database (such as Photography being shortened to Photo which is also a field in the database for storing pupil photos)
  • A subject with an incorrect weighting of 0 
  • A custom field is not named (i.e. it's blank) or conflicts with a field in the database


Go to Admin > Edit Subjects and check the subject names in use. Make sure there are no 2 subjects called the same thing and rename them if there are.

If the problem persists, in Edit Subjects click on the first subject in the list and use the down arrow key to scroll through and check the Weight field in the top right of this display. Contact us if any show as 0.


Finally, in Admin > Edit Pupils, check that there are no custom fields in use without a name i.e. the field name is blank, and make sure that you are not using a default 4Matrix field name such as Photo, UPN, class etc.


If none of the above appear to be the cause of fail to resolve the problem, please provide us with the following information:

When does the error occur and in which tool?

Does it occur when opening the tool or when trying to use particular functionality such as the Groups control?

Does the same error occur for all users?

Is the problem related to a specific series?