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 Importing KS4 APS starting points for Y12 and Y13 (2018/19)


Importing KS4 APS for use with Value Added

Two GCSE APS scores (overall and GCSE only) need to be imported in to the Markbook (Admin > Edit Markbook) in order for KS5 Value Added to work. These will need to be imported via a spreadsheet, even if you use SIMS. Users will need to create a spreadsheet that includes Forename, Surname, Gender, UPN (plus any other contextual/grade data that is required), followed by the KS4 APS and KS4 APS GCSE columns.

The key stage 5 Value Added system in 4Matrix uses the figures from most recent Ready Reckoner from the DfE (currently the January 2017 Validated version).  This uses the legacy QCA points currency to measure KS4 APS. For this reason, and until the DfE update the Ready Reckoner to use A8 points (1-9) for KS4 APS, 4Matrix needs the KS4 APS and KS4 APS GCSE to be entered in QCA point format.

You can calculate the KS4 APS manually (see below for more details).  Alternatively, if your Y12/Y13 students’ grades from KS4 are in 4Matrix, you can obtain the APS using 4Matrix – the figures will need to be exported then imported back into the Markbook.

Most key stage 4 tools in 4Matrix for the current Y12 and Y13 (2018/19 Y12 and 2018/19 Y13) report the new APS which is based on the 9-1 scale.  It is therefore necessary to use a workaround in order to export these scores in the QCA point format.

To find out the overall KS4 APS in QCA format for Y12 and Y13 students in 4Matrix:

1.    PART 1- APS including all subjects. Create a Year 12 Series for academic year 2018/9

2.    Click on Research Group and Add New.

3.    Enter Group Name - Year 12 2018 and select all students

4.    Change into Year 11 Actual Results Series for academic year 2017/8

5.    Click on Research Group and Copy

6.    Select Year 12 Series for academic year 2018/9

7.    Place the bullet against ‘Do Not Copy Classes’ and ‘Merge with Research Group’s

8.    Open Group Analysis 

9.    Select a subject such as English Language or Maths with all/the vast majority of students entered

10.   Select the research group Year 12 2018

11.    Export to Excel and save as KS4 APS

12.    PART 2 APS for GCSE quals Only (You do not need to take steps 12 to 25 if your school does not offer BTECs or other GCSE equivalents) Duplicate your Y11 Actual Results Series by selecting Admin, Edit Series

13.    Highlight the Year 11 Actual Results series

14.    Click on Action and Duplicate

15.    For the series name enter, Year 11 11 Actual Results – GCSE only

16.    Change into the above series.

17.    Select Admin > Edit Subjects

18.    Select each non-GCSE subject and select Delete in the top right. This will only remove the subject and grades from the active series.  A message will appear stating that the results from only the current series will be deleted.

19.    Click on Research Group and Copy

20.    Select Year 12 Series for academic year 2018/9

21.    Place the bullet against ‘Do Not Copy Classes’ and ‘Merge with Research Group’s

22.    Open Group Analysis (Check you are in the correct series in the bottom left of the screen.)

23.    Select a subject such as English Language or Maths with all/the vast majority of students entered

24.    Select the research group Year 12 2018

25.    Export to Excel and save as KS4 APS GCSE only


Once you have both exports, you can edit your spreadsheet so that it includes Forename, Surname, Gender, UPN and then your 2 columns for KS4 APS and KS4 GCSE APS.

If you did not work through steps 12 – 25 because you only offer GCSE qualifications, you will need to duplicate the KS4 APS column in Excel and use the same values for the KS4 GCSE APS column. Both KS4 APS and KS4 GCSE APS values are required in order for Value Added to work correctly.

This can then be imported via the Spreadsheet > Pupils/Results route. In Step 3, Map Data, set the Column Type to Markbook Result and type KS4 into the search. Two options will become available: KS4 APS and KS4 APS GCSE. Select the correct option for each column and continue the import as normal.


External students joining Year 12

You will have to calculate the KS4 APS figures manually for any external students joining Year 12.

Click on Help, KS4 Guide.  Download PDF

Search for ‘Appendix H’ Number Grade Conversions and LoP

Use the QCA points for column to calculate both KS4 APS for students.

You can either manually enter these figures via Admin, Pupil Markbook or import from a spreadsheet.


Value Added

The Value Added measure only applies to Academic and Applied General subjects; Technical subjects will not be shown.

The Value Added tool uses the data from the most recent DfE Ready Reckoner 2017, and so if the qualification is not included here, then it will not have any VA data in 4Matrix either ( qualifications which were available for the first time in 2016 and which did not award results in 2017 were not included in the Ready Reckoner – this will include many of the new BTECs.  Please check the Ready Reckoner directly if you are unsure.

If you are working with a subject which you believe should be showing on this display, it may be that there is no previous national data for the subject (if it's a brand new qualification type).

The other reason may be to do with the national subject code in 4Matrix, as in some rare cases, this may not match the code which was included in the Ready Reckoner. A quick fix for this is to change the KS5 VA Subject value in Admin > Edit Qualifications using the table in the bottom right of the display, but this should be carried out with caution. If you need further information in relation to this then please contact us.

Subjects that do not contribute to performance measures will not appear on this display.

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