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 4Matrix Infinity Setup : Pre-Requisites



To make the install process as quick and easy as possible, please ensure that the server you wish to install 4Matrix Infinity on should have the following installed.


·       Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 (Or Above)



·       Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 (Or Above)

o   IIS is installed as a feature of the Windows OS, please see the following link for a guide to installing it

o   Please also ensure that the following roles and features of IIS are installed.


§  Common HTTP Features

·       Default Document


·       Directory Browsing

·       HTTP Errors

·       Static Content



§  Application Development


·       .NET Extensibility 4.5 or above

·       Application Initialization

·       ASP

·       ASP.NET 4.5 or above

·       ISAPI Extensions

·       ISAPI Filters



§  Health and Diagnostics

·       HTTP Logging

·       Request Monitor

§  Performance

·      Static Content Compression


·      Dynamic Content Compression

§  Security

·      Request Filtering


·      Digest Authentication

§  Management Tools

·      IIS Management Scripts and Tool


·      Management Service



Please note that you must know your SQL Server login details as these will be required to link Infinity to your existing 4Matrix database.



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