4Matrix Infinity Setup: Why can't I login using AD Credentials

1) Please ensure you are running the latest version of Infinity ( You can check for the updates by clicking the "Check For Updates " button in the 4Matrix Network Manager. 

2) If the server on which Infinity is installed is joined to the domain, Infinity will pick up the AD settings automatically. If not, the "ADDomain" property must be set to the server name in which 4Matrix AD groups were setup. 


You can enter the "ADDomain" property value in one of two ways, below:


Using File Explorer

1) Click on the Root Folder in 4Matrix Network Manager and open Web config file from the file explorer

2) Search for the word "ADDomain" and enter the server name


3) Refresh the site in IIS Manager and try logging in again

4) Note that if you can't save the web config file directly in the folder, try saving it elsewhere on your system and copy the file to Infinity folder, overwriting the existing version


Using IIS Manager

1) Open IIS manager and select the Infinity site

2) In the Features view, select Configuration Editor from the Management Console

3) Select appSettings in the top dropdown and expand the count

4) Enter the server name as the value for "ADDomain" property#

5) Close the window and click Apply in the Actions panel (on the right)

6) Refresh the site and try logging in again


Please log a support ticket with us if it continues to fail.


Article updated: 27/01/2022