4Matrix Infinity Tools: Using Global Pupil Filters

Global filters applies to all the pages in 4Matrix Infinity apart from the Seating Plan tool.

The Groups Control is divided into 3 separate tabs, depending on the filter type. However, any number of filters can be applied and we can build and combine filters from multiple tabs if required. For example, it is possible to choose Gender: Female from the Basic tab, and combine this with a Class filter from the Groups tab.

1) The Basic Filter tab includes options such as Gender, FSM, Pupil Premium and SEN.

2) The Groups Filter tab includes options such as Classes, Research Groups, Forms and Subjects.

3) The Custom Filter option includes all manually created Custom Fields, which might include Prior Attainment Band, Disadvantaged, and more.

4) The Filtered Pupils window displays the list of pupils who are included in the filter.

5) Use the Cancel option to discard your filter settings and return to the main Infinity display.

6) Use the Reset option to discard any applied filter options and start again.

7) Use the Apply option to set the filter. This will take you back to the main Infinity display. 

The filter will be applied to all tools and it will be recalled if you logout and back in again. The filter options are now stored against user each user's ID in the 4Matrix database, which means that a Maths teacher who filters specifically to their classes will not need to apply the same class filters multiple times per session, or even between sessions.


The number of pupils in the applied filter(s) will be displayed next to the small icon in the top right of the main Infinity display.