4Matrix Fusion - Web based, Trust Dashboard Solution

4Matrix is provided by New Media Learning, the largest independent data solutions provider to secondary schools in the UK. 

4Matrix offers a powerful combination of tools to support both schools and their Trusts in obtaining the maximum value from their performance data, with advanced, comprehensive and flexible data tools designed in association with our Trust partners. We don't expect our users to have to program their own solutions. 

4Matrix Fusion is the premier performance analysis system for Multi-Academy Trusts and their schools. It provides a clear picture of school performance across the Trust, reporting on attainment, progress and subjects. Fusion will support your Trust’s data strategy, promoting an action-research approach to school improvement.

To find out more, please visit www.4Matrix.com/fusion

This solution is set to be the most powerful collaborative data tool on the market for secondary schools and we will work closely with our Trust partners to ensure that we continue to meet their requirements for supporting standards in schools.

4Matrix Fusion is a separate system to 4Matrix Desktop and 4Matrix Infinity but it is designed to work alongside these products. Fusion is cloud-based and hosted by 4Matrix, unless requested otherwise.

The 4Matrix Fusion Administrator will create series in Fusion for schools to manually upload their anonymised data into. This approach allows the individual schools in the group to maintain control of their own data, so that they can make an informed decision as to which of their own series best reflects the data required by 4Matrix Fusion. There will be options to set a 'data upload window' on the Fusion series, which can be communicated to the schools for reference.

This now includes tools for both key stage 4 and key stage 5. If your schools are tracking performance using GCSE grades for key stage 3, these can also be imported into 4Matrix Fusion.

4Matrix Fusion will support key stage 4 and key stage 5 key performance indicators for the 2017/18 Y11 cohort and beyond.


Article revised: 17/11/2021