Scaled Scores: Prior Attainment Bands not calculating

KS2 Scaled Scores havee been imported from Key To Success and then used Admin > Edit Markbook > Calculate to convert to legacy Fine Points.
However, whilst the KS2 English and Maths scores have been added, it isn't then calculating the Prior Attainment Band.


The DFE have not yet issued any guidance on the use of KS2 Scaled Scores and further information about the use of KS2 Scaled Scores and the 4Matrix conversion technique can be found at

However, this does not include assigning students to Prior Attainment Bands. If you have your own conversion technique and would like to enter your own PA Bands into 4Matrix, you can either:

1) Assign these manually via the Admin > Edit Pupils tool by simply typing in a band label into the Prior Attainment Band column e.g. H/U, M, L, per pupil row, or

2) Use a spreadsheet, with columns for Forename, Surname, Gender, UPN and PA Bands. Import this via Admin > Spreadsheet > Pupils & Results. In the mapping stage, map the PA Band column to Custom Field > Prior Attainment Band


Article revised: 08/06/2021