Importing KS4 APS for KS5 Progress Measures (Y13 2021/2022 and Older Cohorts)

Information correct as at 27th February 2023

Please use this guide to import KS4 APS figures for Year 13 in the 2021/22 academic year and older cohorts.

If you need to import KS4 APS for Year 13 in the 2022/23 academic year, please refer to this article instead:


Key to Success Import Method

1.       A KS4.csv file can be downloaded from

2.       Users will need to log in and download the file - you'll need to have the UPNs for the year group to hand.

3.       Once you have the KS4.csv file, open it and copy the entire spreadsheet

4.       In 4Matrix go to Admin > Spreadsheet > Key To Success

5.       Choose to add the data to an existing series - this will overwrite any existing base data.

Note that any blank values in the Key to Success extract will not overwrite existing data in the 4Matrix Markbook. Users may wish to clear the 4Matrix > Admin > Edit Markbook tool prior to re-importing any data, which you can do, one column at a time, using the Clear function in the top right of the Edit Markbook tool.

6.       If you are yet to create a series for the correct pupils, you can do this now by clicking the blue [+] icon. You will only need to import this data once for these pupils as it will attach to the pupil record and appear in all series where the same pupils exist.

7.       Click Next and progress to Step 2. Paste in your spreadsheet. 4Matrix will automatically 'lose' the unwanted data fields;

8.       Proceed to Step 3, and 4Matrix will map the relevant columns for you.

9.       Proceed through steps 4 and 5 of the import and go to Admin > Edit Markbook to check that the data has imported correctly.


DfE Calculations

The DfE’s 16 to 18 Accountability Guide includes detailed information on this topic on pages 70 - 72: 


Article revised: 22/09/2021