English Progress 8: 2022 DfE Guidelines

For students with English results from 2020 or 2021: How to ensure English Progress 8 calculates correctly as per DFE 2022 guidelines

The purpose of this routine is to ensure that P8 will now calculate correctly for 2022 methodology for English i.e.

• Only either the English Language or Literature grade for 2022 will count, even if they have a higher early result

• This grade will be double weighted in the English P8 basket

Important: The following workaround only applies if the entire cohort took English Language or Literature early. For other scenarios, please contact our support team for advice.

We are still awaiting clarification from the DfE about how P8 will be calculated for Ebacc subjects that have early entries.

1.   Import the results

Do this as normal via Admin > Spreadsheet > Pupils / Results

2.    Create a duplicate series

This is so you have series showing two sets of results

·         One containing all results, including early results

·         One calculated as per 2022 guidelines

To create the duplicate series:

  • Select Admin > Edit Series
  • Highlight the series you want to copy
  • Click on Duplicate
  • Select the duplicate series using the Selected Series function
  • Use the Copy Groups and Copy Indicators functions to copy the groups and student characteristics from the original series

You may want to rename the two series, so it is clear what is in them e.g. ‘Results (inc early entries)’ and ‘Results (performance tables)

3.      Delete results for the subject with 2020/2021 results

To delete the results

  • Make sure the duplicate series is selected
  • Select Admin > Edit Subjects
  • Highlight the subject in the left-hand panel.  Click on Delete and confirm.
  • This will remove the results from the currently selected series only 

4.      Double weight English 

  • Select Admin > Edit Subjects
  • Click on Add New Subject. 
  • Select KS4.
  • In the Subject Name add an indicative name for the new subject e.g. ‘English Language and Literature (2022 only)
  • In the Qualification field type ‘English 9-1'into the search field and click on the magnifying glass. Select the qualification below

  • If you click on the blue (i) button the qualification should look like the below. The critical setting is that the QCA Subject should be ‘5010 - ….” 

  • Highlight the remaining English subject with 2022 and use the Move function to transfer the grades to the newly created ‘English Language and Literature (2022 only)’ subject. This will only change the mapping for the currently selected series.

  • To confirm it's counting properly check the Progress 8 tool. If the English grade is coloured blue that indicates that it is double weighted.

    Article revised: 16/02/2022