Arbor guide for importing exam results on download day

While the Arbor extract in 4Matrix allows you to pull exam results directly into 4Matrix, Arbor will not allow you to import directly via the extract until the results embargo has expired, enabling the Arbor API to then access results – this may be from 8.00am on the day the results are given to students but will depend upon the time you have selected when setting up your results embargo on Arbor.

However, schools can still import results into 4Matrix on download day prior to the embargo expiring by using the Admin > Spreadsheet > Pupils / Results method.

Within Arbor go to Students  > Examinations > Results Administration > By Subject

Click on ‘Settings’ to edit:

  • The results date range for all examinations you wish to include (to exclude early entry results this year we recommend selecting a date range of 20/1/2022 to 30/08/20221) 
  • The students to include in your spreadsheet:
    • If your Year 11 students are still on roll, choose only Year 11 for this cohort’s results
    • If you have taken Year 11 students off roll, leave this field blank, you can sort by DOB in the excel output to remove non-Year 11 students.

To export your results, click on ‘Download’ and select ‘Excel’ in the top right corner of the screen.

The excel spreadsheet will contain all the fields required to import into 4Matrix (namely Forename, Surname and Gender, plus UPN to help match accurately). It will also allow you to sort/filter/delete so that only pupils in the Year 11 Cohort remain. You may also like to remove other non-grade columns prior to import, alternatively you can set any unwanted fields to ‘Not Included’ in Step 3 of the import.

Copy and paste the data into Step 2 of the Spreadsheet > Pupils / Results import method and complete as usual.


Article revised: 23/08/2022