4Matrix Desktop Known Issues

The issues listed below are being investigated by 4Matrix and we working on an update to fix these issues asap. Users are advised to exercise caution when analysing or producing reports that relate to the following:

1) KS4 2022 SVA setting - Media and Film may be using incorrect estimates depending on the QAN used.

2) KS4 2019 SVA setting - There may be calculation issues for some subjects i.e. incorrect estimates. This will affect analysis of historic cohorts or where a school has manually set a current series to use 2019 SVA settings.

3) KS4 GIAP Import - This does not currently take account of 'Special consideration' pupils. These pupils may, in some cases, require a Scaled Score that is 3 points less than what is imported.

4) KS4 '0 QAN' Qualifications - Statuses are not set for inclusion in any performance measures in 2024.

5) KS5 Qualification Gradesets - Gradesets 187 and 463 grades show in incorrect order i.e. PMM instead of MMP. In historic data, the grades will therefore show as blank, and in new imports the user is required to amend the grades in Validate Data. An SQL fix can be applied by 4Matrix - contact us for support.

6) KS5 Facilitating Subjects - Not currently set for 2023 or 2024

7) KS5 Inclusion - The criteria for pupils to count in performance measures at the end of 16 to 18 study has changed so that it only includes pupils who have entered for at least 2 qualifications each of which is the size of an A Level. This applies to the 2021/22 Y13 cohort and beyond. This particular issue forms part of wider key stage 5 developments.


Article revised: 09/12/2022