Key Stage 2 Scaled Scores: Year 11 2022-23 working below test level

In certain circumstances, pupils working below the level of the test will have Scaled Scores derived from KS2 teacher assessed outcomes which will be used for calculating Progress 8This is detailed in the DfE Secondary accountability measures ( on page 28. 


When importing your GIAP file into 4Matrix for current year 11, 4Matrix will automatically use the Scaled Scores showing in columns ER and ET (subject to Special Consideration). In the majority of cases, the scores in these columns will be the correct scores for use with Progress 8. 


However, there are some cases that 4Matrix does not account for and we advise users to be aware of this. Pupils with an ‘Outcome’ value of M, A, F, L, P, Q, S, T, U, W or X in one or both subjects (columns BT and BU in the GIAP file) should not attract a Scaled Score in the corresponding subject. These pupils will be imported into 4Matrix with the Scaled Scores from columns ER and ET. 

4Matrix admin users will need to delete the scores manually for affected pupils either during the import process or using the Admin > Edit Markbook tool once the import is complete. 

We expect the above to affect very few pupils - and for most schools, no pupils at all. If you need any advice in relation to the above, please contact us via the usual channels.


Article revised: 21/06/2023