Share & Compare: Data Collaboration for Summer 2024

Our annual data collaboration exercise Share & Compare is back... For the latest S&C information, including publication dates and figures, visit

Register now for S&C 2024 in 4Matrix Desktop, by going to Admin > Share & Compare. You do not need to re-register if you took part in 2022 or 2023, however, we recommend trying your credentials and resetting your password if you can't login. If you are new to S&C, use the Register link and follow the prompts.

S&C will open at 09:30 on Thursday 22nd August for schools to submit their anonymised KS4 results data to us. Once we have received enough data, we will publish a set of Attainment 8 Estimates for schools to use well in advance of the DfE's provisional set.

In 2023, the final set of 4Matrix Share & Compare data from almost 700 schools included Attainment 8 estimates which were, on average, within 1.4% of the official DfE figures published in January 2024.

As per previous years, you must upload your own school's data to access the comparative data.

For more information, including mini-guides for using the S&C tools, please visit


Article revised: 26/06/2024