Customer Information: Access Denied when applying update (27/08/2019)

If you see an Access Denied message or checking for updates hangs, please use 4Matrix client to deploy 4Matrix. More information:

 RM system setup notes


RM schools should set a custom temp folder of C:\Program Files\4Matrix\Temp and set updates to run as the logged in user in the relevant step in the Network Manager wizard.

You should then give staff full control over the 4Matrix client folder on each PC e.g. C:\Program Files\4Matrix

If you are allocating the software using the RM Management Console please enter the following code on the security tab for the 4Matrix package, replacing the word ‘Everyone’ with the name of your staff group:


<object name="C:\Program Files\4Matrix" type="1" action="0">

<ace name="Everyone"mask="0x1F01FF" flags="3"></ace></object>


Note for later: If updates fail after following the instructions above, you may need to use a Launcher Settings file.

You can download a customisable Launcher Settings file from the following links:

Update Mode 1: 


Update Mode 2: (note: this must be used with an msi that is later than, available from

Place the LauncherSettings.xml file in C:\Program Files\4Matrix and use Launcher.exe to run 4Matrix. This should solve the problem.

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