Edit Series Error: Date and time format

This is usually a red herring but it is worth double checking that the date format on both the client and server are set to UK DD/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YY. The error will usually appear after 30 seconds, which is when the data call will time out.

If the date/time settings are correct, check that you are on the latest version of 4Matrix by going to Help > About 4Matrix and checking the version against the number shown at www.4matrix.com/downloads.

Update (March 2017) included a fix to help 'speed up' the Edit Series load time. If you are still experiencing this problem:

In 4Matrix, go to Help > About 4Matrix > Components and check SQL Version (usually denoted by first 4 digits in SQL line). If it's not 2014, there are 2 options, but it is worth noting that this error is quite common when using SQL 2012:

1) Replace the server name with the IP address in the 4Matrix Settings file - this is the file which tells 4Matrix which server and database to use. You can edit the contents by working through the 4Matrix Network Manager wizard and then by clicking Re-Copy files in the main Network Manager console. Take a copy of the Settings file from the specified client files folder and overwrite the version on the client, which will usually reside in Program Files\4Matrix.

2) Upgrade to SQL 2014 to host the 4Matrix database. There is more information about this option in the attached PDF.