Borderline Analysis is blank

This is usually caused by either:

  • Duplicate subject names in the same series or conflicts with a field in the database (such as Photography being shortened to Photo which is also a field in the database for storing pupil photos)
  • A subject with an incorrect weighting of 0 
  • A custom field is not named (i.e. it's blank) or conflicts with a field in the database


1) Go to Admin > Edit Subjects and check the subject names in use. Make sure there are no 2 subjects called the same thing and rename them if there are. Try reopening Borderline Analysis and see if this resolves it.

2) If it doesn't, in Edit Subjects click on the first subject in the list and use the down arrow key to scroll through and check the Weight field in the top right of this display. Contact us if any show as 0.

3) If neither of those are the problem, go to Admin > Edit Pupils and check there are no custom fields in use without a name i.e. the field name is blank, and make sure that you are not using a default 4Matrix field name such as Photo, UPN, class etc.