Subject names not complete in Progress 8, EBacc and Borderline

Update introduced short names for subjects. This was added to 4Matrix as a solution to an acute technical issue with the display in some screens, which will be exacerbated as we move towards the release of the web version of 4Matrix at the end of 2018.

Users can continue to use unique subject names to clearly identify each subject.

They can also set up short names of up to 8 characters which will appear on display screens: for example, “Eng Lang”, “Eng Lit” etc. Unlike the main subject name, these short names need not be unique when used in different series, so for example, 9-1 Maths and A*-G Maths can both use the short name "Maths".

We have had feedback from a small number of users indicating that they would like the option to use the long name in some circumstances, for example when exporting data. We have a development meeting in the run up to Christmas and will discuss this issue then. The outcome of the discussion will be posted on our news feed. We do listen very carefully to what our users tell us and aim to make 4Matrix as user-friendly as it can possibly be.

In the meantime, we hope that the short name option in Edit Subjects will allow you to give your subjects useable short names which will make the display in Progress 8 and elsewhere clear and useful.