Progress 8 KS2 starting points

A pupil's KS2 baseline for Progress 8 is based on the average of their English and Maths Fine Points scores. You should check that these have been imported, along with Test Levels and TAs where possible, using Admin > Edit Markbook.


We strongly recommend that KS2 data is imported from Key to Success using the specific import routine for this under Admin > Spreadsheet.

If you have not imported Fine Points then the baseline will be calculated using the points equivalents of the Test levels/TAs, which is not accurate. For pupils with a Fine Points score of less than 18 in either subject, 4Matrix will automatically revert to the Test/Teacher Assessment in line with the latest Progress 8 guidance. This function was implemented in update (8th June 2016).

The following information has been clarified by the DfE in June 2016:

KS2 'Fine Grades' are calculated first and then rounded to 2dp before being used elsewhere. Fine Points are then calculated by multiplying this fine grade (rounded) by 6. As such, the highest fine grade available in the level 4 range is 4.99 and the associated fine points would be 4.99 * 6 = 29.94.

For Progress 8, once fine points in English and Maths have been calculated the average of the two (if they have both) is taken (with no further rounding at this stage) divided by 6 and then finally rounded to 1dp.


Example (for 2016):


A pupil scores 68 marks and a level 4 in their overall English test. Apply these numbers to the Fine Points formula:


BUT before multiplying by 6, the 'Fine Grade' (in this case 4.931034483) would be rounded to 2dp to give 4.93. This number is multiplied by 6 to give the Fine Points for English which is 29.58. Now add this to the Maths score, lets say 29.82, to give 59.4.

Divide this by 2 to get the average, then by 6, and round to 1dp to get the Progress 8 starting point:

59.4 / 2 = 29.7

29.7 / 6 = 4.95

Rounded to 1dp equals 5.0 - which is the the pupils KS2 Progress 8 starting point.