How much does 4Matrix cost?

The standard cost of a one-year licence for 4Matrix is just £1195 +VAT for any size school and any number of users.

The cost includes a full year of use, use of our support materials, upgrades which will add new features to 4Matrix, and technical support.

Of course, the best way to find out more about 4Matrix is to try it! 

If you would like to place a provisional order for 4Matrix by providing a few details at we will provide you with a free 30 day period of use to make sure that you are completely satisfied with what 4Matrix will do.
If during that time you need help you can come on Live Chat at or phone us and one of our team will help you. Most of our support staff also work as data managers in schools, so they will understand the practical issues.

Article revised: 03/07/2019