Customer Information: Client MSI not installing - RESOLVED (27/11/19 11.30am)

The issue with the client MSI not installing and saying it cannot start the Update Service has now been resolved. Please re-download the MSI and use the latest version to deploy 4Matrix.

Office Closure Notice

Our offices will be closed for 1 day on Thursday 12th December, re-opening at 9am on Friday 13th December. Support requests should be submitted through the Helpdesk in the usual way and we will respond as soon as we can.

 Unhandled Exception error after completing spreadsheet import


This is usually related to either the formatting in the original spreadsheet or a corrupt map file.

In Excel, copy the sheet you're working with and paste the data into a new sheet using Paste > Values. This will strip the file of all formatting and show any hidden columns. Make any changes that may now be required. 

Refresh 4Matrix using File > Open Windows > Close All Windows and start the import again.

If it continues fail, and you're using a map file, please try again and disregard the map file. As a quick test, try importing just 1 subject column (with your basic pupil details) and check that it works. You could also create a new map file if you have a series with the same subjects using Admin > Edit Subjects > Create Map from within the relevant series.

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