Error: Error 40 4Matrix cannot connect to server and/or database specified in the 4Matrix Settings file

This is a connection issue displayed when the client cannot connect to the SQL server where 4Matrix is installed.

Open the 4Matrix Network Manager on your server and check if this also shows an error in the Connection Issues tab. If it does, check that the SQL Server Service and SQL Browser Service are running.

If the above does not resolve the problem:

1) Check if the client can ping the server.

2) If you use a Firewall on your server, create 2 inbound exception rules for 4Matrix. The paths can be found in the 4Matrix Network Manager Connections tab.

3) Check the 4Matrix Settings file;

There are 2 settings files for 4Matrix – 1 is for the Network Manager, and the other is for the 4Matrix client application, which tells the client where the server and database are.

The one for the Network Manager resides in the 4Matrix folder on the route of the installation drive of the server (i.e. C:\4Matrix), along with the Network Manager.

The other will be in the client installation files folder on the server (i.e. C:\4Matrix\Client Setup)

In most cases, the settings file that ‘belongs’ with the Network Manager has been copied over to the client instead of the one that resides in the client install files. Try copying the correct settings files from the server (in client setup/install files) onto the client and overwrite it.

If none of the above resolve the problem:

4) The SQL Server name is limited to 15 characters. If the server name is longer than this then you should replace it with the IP address using the 4Matrix Network Manager. Work through the wizard, replace the name, and then click Re-Copy Files. Replace the Settings file on the client.

5) Download and install SQL Management Studio if you don't already have this. Check the status of the 4Matrix database. It is possible to take it offline and bring it back online if it is showing as 'pending recovery'.

6) The SQL server may need to be re-started but please contact us before doing this.