Customer Information: Update now live (12/11/2019)

This is a significant update, with some new features and fixes. It contains a host of major the provisional 2019 key stage 5 value added coefficients. The full changelog can be downloaded from

Known issues:

We are aware that some users are having trouble applying this update, please see before logging a ticket. Other reported issues:

1) Importing into a custom field doesn't work and the data is not imported (workaround is to enter the values in relevant column in Edit Pupils)

2) If any pupils have a grade of N in the Edit Markbook, Pupil Display won't print for that pupil

 What is the Move function in Edit Subjects?


This function allows the user to move grades between subjects, for example, from a combined English subject to a single English Language or Literature subject.

It is possible to move the grades for all pupils, or just those that meet certain criteria.

Please note that this action cannot be undone and if you think that you need to utilise this function but are unsure about what to do, please contact us.

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