I am unable to merge subjects in the Edit Subjects tool

Sometimes, duplicate subjects can appear in your database which then show in tools such as Series Comparison, meaning that you are unable to compare grades because, for example, you might have a set of grades under Maths and a second set under Mathematics. In order to resolve this, you will need to merge the subjects together into 1 record.

It is not possible to merge subjects across key stages, for example, you cannot merge an AS level at KS4 with the same AS level at KS5.

The merge function is carried out in the Admin > Edit Subjects tool.

The first thing to check is that the subjects that you're trying to merge are using the same QAN.

You can do this by selecting each subject in turn from the list of the left and checking the QAN field in the top right. If they are not the same, adjust the incorrect version (or both if neither are mapped to the correct qualification) by using the Change Mapped Qualification button in the top right of the screen. On smaller screens this might be hidden, so click the small arrow icon (next to Delete in the top right).

If the subjects are using the same QAN but you are still unable to merge them, you might need a 4Matrix Support Agent to assist you.

It is likely that the subjects have different 'key stage' flags behind the scenes; KS3 if it has been used to import GCSE grades for Y7-9 and KS4 for Y10 and Y11. We will need to run some code on your database to change the key stage flag and this will then allow you to merge the subjects.