Setting up User accounts

Admin > Edit Users allows you to create and manage users.


The main Edit Users dialogue displays a list of all users, their access level, last login information and the total amount of logins per user.


The options across the top of this dialogue allow you to create a New User, Clear Login History and Edit Access Levels. Edit Access Levels is used for setting up Active Directory Groups.



Access Levels


There are 3 types of Access Levels in 4Matrix. It is advised that schools set these up correctly for the following reasons:


  • Embargoing exam results. Apart from the Admin user(s), all other user account types can have series restrictions placed on them. For example, a Results Series uploaded early can be hidden from all users except the Admin user(s) until Results Day.
  • The SLT and All Staff access levels prevent users from accessing the Admin tab in 4Matrix which is used to upload, edit and manage data.


Access Levels Explained:


Admin - This is the highest user level. There are not, and cannot be, any restrictions placed on Admin user accounts. Admin users can create and manage all types of user accounts.


SLT - Does not have access to the Admin Tab in 4Matrix. Can have series access restrictions set by Admin Users.


All Staff - Does not have access to the Admin Tab in 4Matrix. Can have series access restrictions set by Admin users.


4Matrix is shipped with 4 dummy accounts which all use the same password to login: Password. You should amend or delete these accounts but do not delete the Office account until you have created at least 1 other Admin account.



Active Directory


4Matrix now supports Active Directory Login using users’ Windows login credentials. To do this, follow these steps:


•  Create 3 groups in Active Directory on your server 4MatrixUser, 4MatrixSLT and 4MatrixAdmin


•  Add staff accordingly to each group


This will bypass the need for users to log in to 4Matrix as it will detect their user-permissions using their Windows credentials. Users will then be automatically registered in 4Matrix as their Windows login. It may be necessary to carry out several PC restarts as the groups do not propagate down immediately to the clients.


Notes: You can also create your own 4Matrix groups in Active Directory. In order for 4Matrix to recognise these, use the Edit Users tool and Edit Access Levels.



Bulk Import of Users


You can import a list of users into 4Matrix using the Import Users button (found under Edit Users).


Create an Excel file with 3 columns: username, password and level - Note these must all be lower case. Set the Level to 0 for general staff, 9 for SLT and 10 for Admin users. See the example below (Fig1). Save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file and then use the Import Users function. Make sure that the CSV file is closed before importing it otherwise it will fail.



Edit Selected User


This dialogue allows you to change the details for the selected user.


You can change their Username, Password and Access Level. There is also a more detailed display of their login history. The options at the top allow you to Delete a user and clear their personal history log.


The Permissions tab allows the Admin user to specify whether the selected user can change their own password and access the AWL Statement Editor (located under the separate AWL tab).



Export User History


The File menu now contains export options for individual and bulk user history exports in Excel format.