Subject Class Tags

Admin > Edit Subjects allows us to set Subject Class Tags. The purpose of this feature is to make a connection between the subject offered by the school and the specific teaching groups for the subject i.e. to tell 4Matrix that '11Bio1' and '11Bio2' (etc) are Biology classes - and will therefore become available for selection when filtering analysis tools by Biology. Generally, if importing class details via the SIMS extract then this facility can often be ignored as class tags are automatically assigned, but it can be used to rectify any anomalies.


There are effectively 3 pieces of information that form the link - the Subject, Class name, and the Subject Class Tag. To link examination subjects to specialist teaching groups, we first choose a subject by clicking it from the subjects list on the left. Subject-related data will now populate the windows.  Next, we select which classes will be linked to this subject by checking the relevant boxes in the Subject Class Tags window. These subject tags would have been imported from SIMS, or via a ‘classes’ spreadsheet, along with the associated data series. The associated classes are then shown in the Classes Dialogue (Fig7).

This is an important housekeeping task for the administrator to manage if 4Matrix is going to be of maximum value as a research tool to subject teachers. If we do this for every subject, then, when we use the Subject Profile tool and choose to show the classes, only the specific classes tagged as specialist subject groups will show. This is important for analysing the differences between teaching groups. If we don't do this then teaching groups for all subjects will show - although users can still filter them manually using the groups control at this stage.