Backing up the 4Matrix database

You can make a backup of your 4Matrix database at any time using 4Matrix Network Manager (on the server). Choose the ‘Backup Database’ function. If you receive an error when making a backup, choose ‘More Tools’ and ‘Make Current User Admin’ and then try again. If you cannot see these options, you may need to update your Network Manager, which is covered in guidance available at in the Technical Documents section.

Running Scheduled Backups

  • Using Windows Task Scheduler, create a new Basic Task 
  • Set the Trigger accordingly (i.e. the time and frequency of the process)
  • Set the Action to Start a Program
  • In the Program/Script field, select 4Matrix Network Manager
  • Set the Argument to \backup

The default location for the backup file to be saved to is (Drive):\4Matrix\Databases\Backups

This can be changed by adding a text file to this folder called REDIRECT.txt - open this file and type the folder path that you wish to use instead e.g. I:\New folder

It is also possible to specify a maximum number of databases to keep at any one time in order to persevere disk space. In (Drive):\4Matrix\Databases\Backups create a text file called AUTO-DELETE.txt - open this file and type a number, which will refer to the number of days.

So, if you type 30, then a backup will be created every day for 30 days. On the 31st day, a new backup will be created but the very first backup will be deleted.


Article revised: 14/07/2023