Backing up the 4Matrix database

You can make a backup of your 4Matrix database at any time using the Backup & Restore function in the 4Matrix Network Manager. If you receive an error when making a backup, choose Make Current User Admin and then try again. If you cannot see this option, you may need to update your Network Manager, which is covered in a separate, related article.

Running Scheduled Backups

  • Using Windows Task Scheduler, create a new Basic Task¬†
  • Set the Trigger accordingly (i.e. the time and frequency of the process)
  • Set the Action to Start a Program
  • In the Program/Script field, select 4Matrix Network Manager
  • Set the Argument to \backup

The default location for the backup file to be saved to is (Drive):\4Matrix\Databases\Backups

This can be changed by adding a text file to this folder called REDIRECT.txt - open this file and type the folder path that you wish to use instead e.g. I:\New folder

It is also possible to specify a maximum number of databases to keep at any one time in order to persevere disk space. In (Drive):\4Matrix\Databases\Backups create a text file called AUTO-DELETE.txt - open this file and type a number, which will refer to the number of days.

So, if you type 30, then a backup will be created every day for 30 days. On the 31st day, a new backup will be created but the very first backup will be deleted.


Article revised: 14/07/2023