EBacc figures not correct

This is usually for 1 of 2 reasons:

The first may be related to 'missing' subjects. Pupils are required to enter for English Language and Literature, Maths, a complete Science Pathway, a Language and a Humanities subject.We are sometimes contacted by schools who are working with Y10 pupils where they have not yet started (graded) English Literature, or Additional Science for example, effectively not completing all pillars of the EBacc. In this situation, we would advise users to duplicate the corresponding grade, so you might duplicate the English Language grade if you are missing the Literature grade.


The second reason may be specifically related to science:

Please work through the following and contact us if you still believe that there is a problem.

First please go to Help > About 4Matrix and check you’re using version or later. If you’re not, you’ll need to update.

Next check that the correct awards are linked to each science subject in Edit Subjects, by selecting it from the list on the left and checking the QAN in the top right.

There is list of all included courses and their discount codes at:


Stay in Edit Subjects, and click on the first science subject in the list - most likely Biology. Click Edit Qualification in the top right. You'll be taken to a very similar looking display where you can check the discount code for each qualification; this is shown in the last column in the table to the bottom-right of the screen. If they have a discount of ‘0- use national subject’ they will need to be changed to their official codes using the drop down menu. If you start typing the code it will filter the options automatically;


RC1     Physics (General)

RD1     Chemistry (General)

RH3     Biology

RA14    Applied Sciences

RA1B   Science (General/Combined)

RA1C   Additional Science

RA1D   Further Additional Science

RA1E   Science Double Award


Once you've checked and updated your first science subject, go back to Edit Subjects, select the next science subject and repeat the process. Once complete, go back to the EBacc/Press Release and check your figures. Please contact us via the usual method if it is still not correct.