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Logging in for the first time/demo user password
The password for all dummy accounts in the demo database is Password
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Forgotten password/no admin user
If you are unable to log in to the 4Matrix application as an Admin user you will need to contact support and ask for a password reset. 
Article rated 3.0/5.0
Error: Error 26 unable to connect to database
Check that the Settings file was installed with the Client - go to the 4Matrix folder and check it exists, and that it's larger than 0kb. Go to step 5 if it's not there or shows as 0kb. Open the 4Matr...
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Error: Error 40 4Matrix cannot connect to server and/or database specified in the 4Matrix Settings file
This is a connection issue displayed when the client cannot connect to the SQL server where 4Matrix is installed. Open the 4Matrix Network Manager on your server and check if this also shows an error ...
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Error: Disapplied does not belong to table
This is because Stored Procedure GetAllPupilsForSeries does not exist. This will require a 4Matrix Support Agent to fix using SQL:   Alter: InsertResult
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Error: Problem Connecting to Database Pre Login Handshake
Run the following command in an elevated command prompt: 'netsh Winsock reset' This should resolve the issue.
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Error: Checking for updates failed
This error can occur for several reasons. It can generally be resolved by ticking the 'Auto detect settings' box and then 'Try Again'. If the error persists, please check that the proxy settings in th...
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Error: 'Subqueries are not allowed in this context..'
A small number of users are reporting an error when launching 4Matrix which reads: '4Matrix experienced a problem updating the database. Subqueries are not allowed in this context, only scalar...
Article rated 2.8/5.0
Updates can't be downloaded at this time
This is most likely due to the 4Matrix shortcut linking to 4Matrix.exe rather than Launcher.exe. Solution: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\4Matrix. Scroll down to Launcher.exe. Right click and choose Cre...
Article rated 3.2/5.0

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