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How do I export data from 4Matrix?
Most tools provide an Export function in the File menu, in the top left of the display. This will generally provide an .xls file of the data that you see on screen. It is also possible to save to vari...
Article rated 2.8/5.0
Exported spreadsheet COUNTA formula is not working as expected
This is a common problem with Excel. The blank cells in the export are actually set to ‘Null’ instead of blank, which is why they are being included in the COUNTA. There is another formula that you ca...
Article rated 4.0/5.0
Numbers are formatted as text in the exported file
This is a known behavior and it's due to the numbers in 4Matrix being stored as a string. This is because we would generally hide or remove pupils from calculations when filters are applied in order t...
Article rated 3.0/5.0

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