Fine Grade formats

4Matrix now supports multiple fine grade formats and it is possible to use a mixture of these in the same series (except for KS3 NC Levels)

As well as the standard 1, 2, and 3 to indicate high, mid and low grades (i.e C1, C2, C3 etc), KS4 also supports +/- to indicate high and low grades (recommended for use with 9-1 GCSEs). When using this format, a 4-, 4 and 4+ would indicate a low, mid and high grade 4 respectively. The a/b/c format is supported where a is high, b is mid and c is low e.g. 5a, 5b, 5c (note that this format MUST use lower case).

Where schools are using +/- format with an ‘=’ to indicate the mid-grade (i.e. 4=), this will be flagged as an error in the Validate Data step of the import.  Also, users may have noticed that FFT are providing the low grade indicator ‘-‘ to the left of the number grade (i.e. -9) and 4Matrix will also flag this as an error. We have provided a new 'Fix Fine Grades' function in the top right of the import window that will automatically resolve these problems.

There are several tools which support Fine Grades, and the majority of them will show the format that you choose to upload. However, Progress 8 and Transition Matrices will default to show +/-. The Fine Grade Analysis tool will default to 1/2/3. This cannot be changed.

Using School Options (under the Admin tab) users can force the Transition Matrices and EM Threshold tools to show custom characters for the Fine Grade column labels. There is more on this in the 4Matrix Admin guide, accessible via the Help tab in 4Matrix.