Can I import Year 14 into 4Matrix?

Information correct as at 21/09/2020

Year 14 students can be accounted for in two different ways in 4Matrix, depending on the requirements of the school;

1. Using a separate Y14 year group/series

2. Adding Y14 students to an existing Y12 or Y13 series


Both options are explained in more detail below:

Scenario 1: A new option for Year 14 is available when selecting a year group to import in the first step of the import process. The cohort/student record links will work as expected. This will be added for all users as part of the next 4Matrix Desktop update (date tbc) but if you require this now, the 4Matrix support team can add this using a single line of code. Please contact us via if this is of interest.

Scenario 2: If you require Y14 students to be included in the same series and classes as your current Y12 or Y13 students, it is possible to add them using an MIS Extract or spreadsheet import.

Please be aware that this method will create a 2nd student record in the 4Matrix database for the year 14 students. This is because they are ‘out of year’ - the students should be in 2020/21 Y14, not Y12 or Y13, and therefore they will be treated as new students the first time this type of import is attempted.

MIS extract: In the first step of the import, choose Y12 or Y13 accordingly. When the MIS extract launches, choose Y14 and the Y14 students will be detected and subsequently imported into the selected series.

Spreadsheets: Compile a spreadsheet containing your Y14 students and their subjects and grades. Add this to an existing Y12 or Y13 series using the spreadsheet import option.


 Article revised: 21/09/2020