Import Fixes (14/07/2020)

Error 1: An error occurs when attempting to import data via a spreadsheet into an existing series in which results have already been imported.

Error 2: The Bromcom Extract fails on supplying Bromcom login details.

Please visit for details on applying a fix.

 In what order should I import data into 4Matrix?


Ultimately, it doesn't matter which year group you import first or whether it's contextual data or results/grade data.

Users should be aware that 4Matrix can be unstable without any result/grade data though, and for this reason we advise importing a termly assessment point or last years results first.

SIMS users can create a complete series with just 1 import when importing actual results data, as the SIMS Extract tool will pull through results, classes and contextual data in one go. The only exception to this is key stage 2/base data, which must be imported from Key to Success or FFT.

Spreadsheet users may need to carry out up to 3 imports the first time that they import for a cohort; a spreadsheet containing pupil names/basic contextual information and subject grades first, a second import of class data, either via a separate spreadsheet or the SIMS Extract (which can be used to obtain contextual data only for any year group), and then key stage 2 data from Key to Success or FFT.

Contextual data, including photos, pupil premium statuses and key stage 2 data only need to be imported once per cohort as this data attaches to the pupil record and not an individual series. This rule does not apply to group/class data as this is much more likely to change, and so this will need to be imported for each series, or copied between series using Admin > Edit Series > Actions > Copy Groups.



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