What is the Result Date function used for?

When importing a spreadsheet with your assessment grades, it is a 'flat file'. It does not include the result dates (the date at which the exams were sat). The dates for all grades in a spreadsheet import will be set to the date of the import. SIMS and CMIS users will also need to be aware of this, as a marksheet is also a 'flat file', but results that are imported via the SIMS extract tool will carry the result dates by default.

Subject Discounting measures that came into effect in 2014 mean that a pupils first grade in a subject is the grade that counts - and subsequent entries do not count towards the schools headline measures (although the pupil will be able to use the higher grade on their certificates etc). There were some exceptions to this rule in 2014, please contact us if you require further information.

A more complicated scenario is Pathway Discounting, which affects English, Maths and Science. 4Matrix accounts for all of these. As an example, there are 2 pathways in English - the single pathway and the combined pathway. If a pupil enters for English Language then they are on the single pathway and a subsequent entry in the Combined English qualification will be discounted. In Science, there are multiple pathways, such as triple science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Combined Science (double award), Core and Additional Science, and more.

In order for discounting to work correctly where pupils are affected by the scenarios described above, you can use Edit Results to set the date that a grade was entered for, either per pupil or for an entire subject.

To change the date for an individual pupil, click on the grade and use the date selection options.

To change the date for an entire subject, click on a grade in the relevant subject column and click Set Date in the top right.

This option can also be used to correct the issue with AS Levels not counting over GCSEs - by setting the GCSE date to a date after the AS level.