Importing KS4 APS for KS5 Progress Measures (Y12 and Y13 2022/23)

As this cohort have nationally published GCSE result it is possible to import them using a GIAP extract.

  1. Log into DfE Secure Access, and select GIAP site at
  2. Select 'Search National Pupil Database'
  3. Paste the UPNs for the Year group i.e. Y12
  4. Select 'Search'
  5. Select 'Download NPD data'
  6. Select on 'Key Stage 4' and  'CSV'
  7. Click on 'Download'
  8. Once you have the .csv file, open it and copy the entire spreadsheet. Do not edit the spreadsheet in any way
  9. In 4Matrix, go to Admin > Spreadsheet > GIAP and follow the steps in the wizard

In Step 1 either select an existing series or create a new one. KS4 data is not held against a series, so if you create a new one and then subsequently delete it (via Edit Series) the KS4 data will be retained.

As part of the wizard, 4Matrix will automatically remove unwanted columns. You should not need to edit or change any of the settings as you work through the import, as all relevant columns will be auto-mapped, and any remaining un-mapped columns will be dropped as you complete steps 4 and 5 of the import.