Importing Key Stage 2 Data for use with Key Stage 4 Progress Measures

We strongly recommend importing data from Key to Success (or Get Information About Pupils) where possible. You can download your KS2 Prior Attainment data from either site and import into 4Matrix.

The following notes can be used to import or re-import key stage prior attainment data. If updating KS2 data, importing blank values for a pupil will not overwrite existing data so all existing data must be removed first. Use the 'Clear Column' function to do this. We recommend creating a backup of existing data first, using the Edit Markbook > File > Export option before clearing any data from this tool.


Instructions for Key to Success import

  • Log into Key to Success,, alternatively you can download from the new GIAP site at
  • Select 'Searchable Pupil Data'
  • Paste the UPNs for the Year 11 cohort (maximum 200 UPNs)
  • Download the KS2 CSV file(s)
  • Once you have the .csv file, open it and copy the entire spreadsheet. Do not edit the spreadsheet in any way!
  • In 4Matrix, go to Admin > Spreadsheet > Key To Success and follow the remaining steps.
  • As part of the copy and paste process, 4Matrix will automatically remove unwanted columns.
  • You should not need to edit or change any of the settings as you work through the import, as all relevant columns will be mapped, and any remaining un-mapped columns will be dropped as you complete steps 4 and 5 of the import. The only intervention required will be if you have any pupils with a Test Level 6 - please contact us if this is the case.


Y11 in the 2019/20 academic year were the last cohort to use the 'legacy' key stage 2 values of Test Levels, Fine Points and TA, which are automatically calculated on import  in accordance with the latest guidance from the DfE's KS4 accountability guide.

All Current Y7-Y11 pupils in the 2021/21 academic year onwards use the new Scaled Scores format. This can be imported in the same way using the instructions above, but please note, you will not see a Progress 8 score for these pupils as there is currently no guidance on using scaled scores for this measure. Please refer to our news page and article for more information on converting your scaled scores to facilitate this.

Article updated: 17/06/2021