4Matrix GIAP Import Update – Special Consideration

4Matrix Desktop update (February 2023) adds support for Special Consideration methodology in the GIAP import routine when using the KS2.CSV download file.  We recommend re-importing your GIAP data for all Scaled Score cohorts.  We do not expect the following changes to be applicable to many students or even all schools, but this will avoid discrepancies when you do your June tables checking exercise.

As noted on page 27 of the DfE’s Key Stage 4 Accountability Guide, KS2 Scaled Scores do not have Special Consideration applied when used for the Progress 8 measure.

Pupils with Special Consideration in Reading and/or Maths will now have their scores reduced automatically in line with DfE guidance, where possible, as part of the GIAP import routine in 4Matrix. The handling of these pupils varies depending on the specific cohort that you’re working with.

Remember: There is no GIAP data for Year 9 or Year 8 in the 2022/23 academic year due to the pandemic and no primary school SATS.

Year 10 and Year 7 pupils in the 2022/23 academic year have a more ‘complete’ GIAP file than older cohorts. For these pupils, we use the Scaled Score values found in columns BX and BZ of the GIAP file. These columns report the Scaled Scores for English and Maths BEFORE Special Consideration is applied. If the value in either of these columns is blank (i.e. because a Teacher Assessment is to be used instead) we revert to the values in columns ER and ET.

Year 11 in the 2022/23 and 2021/22 academic year do not have the BX and BZ columns populated. For these cohorts, 4Matrix will check columns CC and CD for a value of 2 (Reading and Maths Special Consideration flag). Where a value of 2 is not detected, the Scaled Scores showing in columns in ER and ET are imported. Where 2 is detected, 4Matrix will automatically deduct 3 points from the relevant Scaled Score for values of 83 to 119.

Flag 2 and Scaled Score of:

·         80: This is reduced by 1 point to 79. The pupil sat the test but scored too few marks to be awarded a Scaled Score, receiving grade N worth 79 points.

·         81 or 82: 4Matrix will flag this as requiring attention. Please contact 4Matrix if you are affected by this; the DfE have informed us that this combination of values is not possible to achieve.

·         120: 4Matrix will flag this as requiring attention. Please use the lookup table below to determine what the Scaled Score should be prior to Special Consideration being applied (this could be 117, 118, 119 or 120).

Year 11 in the 2020/21 academic year are treated as per 2022/23 and 2021/22, except that a Scaled Score of 80 with Special Consideration applied will not automatically reduce to 79. This was a new concept introduced for Year 11 in 2021/22, so please contact us if you are affected by this and are unsure how to proceed.


Scaled Score of 120 with Special Consideration Applied: Lookup Table

In this scenario, 4Matrix will flag that manual validation is required in Step 4 of the import routine (Validate Data). You will need to refer to the GIAP file and the raw marks obtained on the tests:

·         For Reading, the raw mark is found in column DL.

·         For Maths, the raw mark is found in column DS.

The raw mark can be converted to a Scaled Score using the table, below:


Article revised: 24/02/2023