Progress 8 subject scores - English and Maths not matching basket scores

Assuming that you have grades for both language and Literature, the Progress 8 scores shown at the bottom of each of those columns will not match the English Basket calculation. The subject score is exactly that – and it includes all pupils with an entry in that subject. It’s worth remembering that the English basket score uses the highest English grade, multiplied by 2, provided the pupil has entered for both elements.

Maths is perhaps an easier one to explain, as we would expect the basket level score to be lower than the subject score; in cases where 1 or more pupils have not entered for Maths they will be excluded from the subject score, but not from the Maths basket score. Pupils are excluded from both scores if they do not have sufficient KS2 data.

When applying a class/group filter, the overall Progress 8 score is for the pupils in that class only (for all of their subjects), and so you can see the effect they are having. For example, your top set Maths class might have an overall Progress 8 score of +1, but this is how they are performing overall, not just in Maths. You would need to look at the Maths column to see how they are performing in this subject specifically.