Progress 8 subject scores - calculations

In the default Subjects Grades view, you will find a P8 score for each subject at the bottom of each subject column - note that this is NOT an official measure and it uses our own methodology.

The subject P8 score is the average of the following for each pupil that is entered in the subject AND contributes to the overall P8 measure:


Points for this subject (whether it counts or not towards P8 for that particular pupil*) -

(Default A8 basket estimate for the subject / Average number of expected grades in basket)


Example: A pupil has an EBacc A8 estimate of 7.28.  Nationally, pupils with similar prior attainment fill 1.85 EBacc slots (on average):

7.28 / 1.85 = 3.9351351 


He has a grade D in Geography, worth 4 points. Taking the single estimate away from the actual points he achieves gives a P8 score of:

4 - 3.9351351 = 0.0648649


The subject P8 score is calculated by finding the average of each of the pupil scores for that subject. Pupil 2 has a Geography subject score of -1.6474576. If these were the only 2 pupils studying Geography, the subject score will be:

(0.0648649 + -1.6474576) / 2 = -0.79 (to 2dp)


Note that the calculation includes all pupil grades for pupils that are entered for the subject only who also have an A8 estimate. If there was a 3rd pupil included in the example above who was not entered for Geography, they would be excluded from the subject P8 calculation. Pupils are also excluded from the individual subject P8 score in the same way that they are excluded from the overall P8 score if they have insufficient KS2 data. 

For the purpose of calculating a subject grade, all grades will count in the subjects default basket, even if for the main P8 calculation the grade counts in another basket or is not counted at all. 

The A8 Score per subject is the average of all pupil's grades that are entered for the subject. X grades are not counted in this measure.