Which MIS will 4Matrix link with?

The main import mechanism in 4Matrix is for spreadsheets - which all versions of MIS should be able to provide. Sample spreadsheets which demonstrate correct formatting can be downloaded from www.4Matrix.com/resources 

4Matrix has an in-built data extraction tool for SIMS, Bromcom, Arbor and Cloud School. The data extraction is a manually initiated process which effectively takes a snapshot of pupil details at any given point in time. It is not a live link and there is no write-back to the MIS from 4Matrix. The extract tools can be used to pull through contextual pupil details for any year group. They can also pull through actual results, meaning that SSIMS, Bromcom, Arbor and Cloud School users can potentially create their Results series on results day in less than 5 minutes. Termly assessment grades, including predicted, expected, targets etc., must all be exported from the MIS as a marksheet and imported via the spreadsheet import wizard.

If SIMS is hosted off-site then you will be unable to use our extraction tool - but you can use our custom reports to obtain pupil data at www.4Matrix.com/simsreports. 

We also provide reports for use with CMIS which are bundled with the installation and can be found in the 4Matrix directory on clients (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\4Matrix). These reports must be run from within CMIS and then imported via the CMIS import wizard in 4Matrix.

We do not currently integrate directly with other MIS's, but we are working with a 3rd party to provide a solution for hosted SIMS and other MIS.