Client and Network Manager Update Help

This article provides information on updating both the 4Matrix Desktop client and the 4Matrix Network Manager. If you experience any issues with updating, please work through the following information prior to contacting us.

4Matrix Client: Update Modes

Use this guide to setup the 4Matrix Auto Update Windows Service. In January 2019, 4Matrix introduced a new ‘update mode’ which installs a Windows Service on the client to download and apply updates. This is more robust than the legacy ‘Run As’ mode. If you are not sure which update mode you are using or you're already using the Windows Service and it is failing, please log a support ticket.

Setting up the Windows Service Update Mode

1) Download the latest 4Matrix client msi. See for the latest client version number and client msi download link. (email if login credentials are not known).

2) The client msi will install the Windows Service as part of the deployment process. It should be placed in the same directory as LauncherSettings and Settings prior to deployment (see next steps).

3) Download a LauncherSettings file from this link and place it in the client installation directory.

4) The Settings file is unique to each school; it is what tells 4Matrix which server and database to use. It must be placed in the same installation directory as the client msi and LauncherSettings. This can be obtained from an existing client deployment folder, or from a working client (from the C:\Program Files (x86)\4Matrix folder).

5) Once the latest client msi, LauncherSettings and Settings are all present in the installation directory, deploy or run the client msi.

Additional Notes

If you need to utilise the new update mode across all clients, re-deploy 4Matrix so that all clients are instantly using the latest version. Future updates should now apply without issue.

  • Settings and LauncherSettings should automatically install with the client msi. If, for any reason, one or both files do not deploy automatically, please contact us.

The LauncherSettings file contains a parameter for <UpdateMode>2</UpdateMode> which is what tells 4Matrix to use the Windows Service to manage updates. Using ‘Update Mode 2’, updates are checked for, downloaded and run as Local System (ignoring the ‘Run As’ option in the 4Matrix Network Manager).

  • The parameter <UpdateMode> can be added to any existing LauncherSettings file, if required.
  • The parameter <UpdateMode> can use 1 of 4 values:

1 = Use the old/default ‘run as’ method (e.g. <UpdateMode>1</UpdateMode>)

2 = 4Matrix Update Service checks for, downloads and applies updates

3 = Logged in user checks for updates, 4Matrix Update Service downloads and runs updates

4 = Logged in user checks and downloads updates, 4Matrix Update Service runs updates.

So to use option 4 above, you can insert the following code into an existing LauncherSettings file:


  • Options 2-4 above ignore the ‘Run As’ setting in the 4Matrix Network Manager.
  • Options 2-4 above will still use the Custom Temp folder setting, as defined in the 4Matrix Network Manager.
  • If the update process fails, it may go into a loop. Holding CTRL and cancelling the process will stop it. If this happens, please try an alternative UpdateMode value (2, 3 or 4).


Updating the 4Matrix Network Manager

Updating the 4Matrix Network Manager is a relatively simple process:

1) Open the 4Matrix Network Manager and create a backup of the database (using Databases > Backup). This is precautionary and you should not need to use this backup file. If you see an error saying that the backup has failed, please double check the location you have tried to save to because the error may be false i.e. the backup has actually been created. This is a known glitch on older versions of the Network Manager.

2) Close the 4Matrix Network Manager and make a note of where it’s installed e.g. C:\4Matrix

3) Uninstall the 4Matrix Network Manager using Control Panel > Programs and Features.

4) Download the latest full installer from

5) Begin the installation and install it in exactly the same place as before. All your settings will be recalled automatically.


Article revised: 09/08/2023